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Why You Should See T98 Rehab & Chiropractic Under The Pandemic.

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Hurt in a car accident? Are you having neck, back, or any other pain? Do not delay, get evaluated by a Houston or Austin Auto injury chiropractor today! The evaluation is pain-free and no out-of-pocket cost to you.



Auto accident injuries are often accompanied by legal issues. If you already have an attorney, we will work with them. If you do not have an attorney, we can still help you.


Superb Chiropractic Care

Once you have been evaluated by T98 Rehab and Chiropractic. We will set you up with a wellness program to start your journey on the road to recovery.


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Why T98 Rehab & Chiropractic?

At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, we focus on your whole body and wellness. We are a well-established chiropractor service provider in North Austin, Texas. For years, we have been a chiropractic business that Austin locals can depend on for all chiropractic care and wellness. We offer all types of chiropractic services, including therapy, rehab, and pain relief so that you can get back to your daily functional life. If you recently have suffered from a musculoskeletal injury, auto and boat injury, we’re here for you. Even if you’ve noticed upper or lower back pain and you want relief, we’ve got your back (literally)! Let us help you on your road to recovery.

Our trained chiropractors work diligently to find the primary source of the problem. Unlike merely treating the symptoms, addressing the root cause provides long term positive effects. At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, our main objective is to give relief fast, with noticeable results. We offer the easiest path to recovery for all our patients. Our state of the art facility provides advanced musculoskeletal correction techniques that are comfortable and gentle. We always take pride in reducing your stress, easing your pain, and helping you get back to a healthy and happy life. After you step through our doors, our goal is to make you feel like a brand new person with T98’s chiropractic care.

Long ago, many refer to chiropractors as “Bone Crackers,” which sounds scary, but now it’s laughable. Chiropractic treatment is much more than that, and the practice has grown quite a lot from being alternative health medicine to mainstream health care in the last decade. Chiropractic means “done by hand.” It is a practice that allows patients to recover and notice results in a more gentle and natural approach. Chiropractic care helps the musculoskeletal system externally and internally the joints and nerves, and bones. Chiropractic care includes treating spine misalignment and posture corrections. Our talented and personable chiropractors at T98 Rehab use hand-on manipulations and other alternative treatments that enable the body to heal itself without medications or undergoing surgery. Our chiropractors perform manipulations to restore joint mobility restricted by injury due to traumatic events such as falling or lousy sitting posture.

At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, we care about getting you results. Although it is rare, if we are unable to help, our network can provide a referral to other professionals or lead you to the right person who can. Because in the end, what we care about most is your wellness. As previously mentioned, we utilize the state of the art chiropractic machines and techniques to ensure the best results. These new techniques are not only safer but also more measured than ever before. Better still, our chiropractors have years of training and experience in assisting patients suffering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, and other spine conditions to feel better within a short time.

Most musculoskeletal conditions can be managed or treated without taking medicine or undergoing invasive surgeries. Our board-certified practitioners have the experience and knowledge to get the results needed for everyday activity and living, from your acute to chronic injuries or health conditions. When you visit our clinic for an exam and consultation, we will put together a comprehensive and useful treatment plan customized to address your specific needs. We understand that every patient is different. As such, T98 Rehab and Chiropractic and Wellness offer precise diagnostic care with personalized attention. This means that each of our treatment plans is specific to your particular condition. Below are the chiropractic treatments we offer at T98 for your standard treatment, sports injuries, auto injuries, or health conditions.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are quite common. While there are various headache causes, at T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, we focus on trauma-related or induced headaches. For instance, a car accident may cause a trauma that may lead to consistent migraines. On the other hand, exposure to alcohol, food additives, pesticides, and pollution contributes to headaches caused by toxins. Additionally, depression, anxiety, and other mental problems may lead to emotionally triggered headaches. At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we treat migraines and headaches with our natural and soft approach therapy. After a detailed examination, the chiropractor provides therapy and treatment to condition the body back to preinjury or oneself.

Neck pain

A stiff neck is an uncomfortable experience. It may be caused by trauma from an accident, poor sitting posture, among other causes. Our chiropractors will assess the damage and employ the right procedures that adjust the spine to relieve neck pain and improve mobility. By utilizing varying force degrees, the chiropractor will adjust the misaligned joints. This will make the relationship between your spine and nervous system better.

Mid to upper back pain and lower back pain

There are various back pain causes, and the most common are; lower back pain and mid to upper back pain. You will hardly find two patients experiencing the same type of pain. As such, our pain management for back pain is customized to fit the needs of the patient. Our staff will do an in-depth examination to find out the root cause. During the examination, the chiropractor may ask you to stand, sit, lift your legs, and walk. They will also ask you about your ability to tackle daily chores with your pain. All these exercises are intended to gauge where the root causes of the pain. Further testing such as MRI, X-rays, Bone scans, or nerve studies may also be done in an attempt to find the primary cause.


Radiculopathy is a specialized chiropractic technique that restores the normal position and motion of affected spinal joints and bones. T98 Rehab chiropractors combine this approach with ice traction, electrical muscle stimulation, soft tissue massage, and stretching exercises to relieve pain and discomfort.

Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is a painful nerve compression that occurs when the sciatic nerve or branch becomes compressed or irritated. Sciatic pain may make walking, sitting, or even standing extremely painful. Generally, sciatica pain comes in varying intensities and may take varying forms. Regardless, it appears in the form of a persistent pain that usually occurs in one hamstring, running down the leg. T98 chiropractors employ various correction techniques to align the body to the right posture. This will stop the compression of the sciatic nerve, easing the pain.


Whiplash is a common neck sprain that results from automobile accidents. This condition may cause severe pain and stiffness in your neck. The pain from whiplash becomes worse when you try turning your head. This could also make you feel sick to your stomach or dizzy. Chiropractic adjustment at T98 may help in adjusting the neck muscles and realigning them with your spine. The chiropractors will also advise you on some stretching exercises that help to reduce muscle swelling and spasms.

Chiropractic Treatments (Adjustment and Manipulation/Manual Therapy)

Our chiropractic care is in a clinical setting and uses evidence-based resources to provide natural care and positive results. The chiropractor typically uses chiropractic adjustment as one part of the road to recovery from injuries and other chronic conditions. Manual therapy is another part to help relieve tight and achy muscles. This will eliminate tension and pain, making you feel good. Overall, Chiropractic Manipulation will help you achieve the right balance of health and wellness. T98 Chiropractic and Wellness Rehab will get you the results you’ve been wanting. As with our services, we have customized our sessions to suit the patient’s condition and needs. The main benefits of chiropractic care are to speed the healing of swollen muscles, increasing range of motion, increase mobility, flexibility, and boosting blood circulation.

The benefits of a chiropractor need no overstating. Just like visiting a masseuse after a long week at work, you’ll feel like a brand new person when you visit a chiropractor. The best thing with a chiropractor is that they address the severe and painful condition, unlike a masseuse who only helps you relax. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from a chiropractor.

Improved Balance

Over time, our body tends to lose balance. This is often caused by inactivity or general aging. Chiropractic care helps in restoring the lost balance. These professionals use advanced techniques that get back the spine into its proper alignment. This gives you a more robust skeletal structure and helps your muscles to relax.

Pain Management

T98 chiropractors also help with chronic pain. By addressing your pain’s root source, these professionals help reduce the pain better than when using pain medications. Our trained staff helps to solve chronic pain problems by correcting spinal alignment, strengthening muscles, and fixing herniated disk problems.

Increased Flexibility

Visiting a chiropractor also guarantees you a more comprehensive range of motion. When every muscle and bone is back to their normal position, it is easier to move the body. These professionals also address the pain, which could limit you from stretching further. After visiting our chiropractic rehab, you will feel an increased range of motion in the neck, knees, back, shoulder, hips, practically all over the body.

Recovery after an auto accident injury

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, you may be experiencing severe neck, back, and shoulder pain. We can help you recover through chiropractic care. At T98 Chiropractic and Rehab center, we employ chiropractic treatment that addresses underlying injuries. This provides a long-lasting solution to the condition, as opposed to merely covering up painful symptoms. We offer chiropractic adjustments that relieve the pressure on the nerves and muscles and help align the spine. We also employ corrective exercises that assist in bringing back your body’s full range of motion.

Managing shoulder pain

Your shoulder can move out of alignment. This could lead to various issues, including inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. Chiropractors can help alleviate shoulder pain by performing adjustments to the shoulder to restore normal alignment. Besides manual shoulder adjustments, a chiropractor may also use various equipment to adjust the upper back and neck. This will go along with minimizing the shoulder pain.

Our Experiences

Many individuals with acute and chronic pain need help from T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Patients in Austin have been counting on us for years. Our board-certified chiropractors have years of experience and are ready to help you. We understand that every patient is different. As such, experienced chiropractors customize our treatment to meet the patient’s specific condition and needs. We also treat the root cause rather than masking the symptoms with pain medication. This ensures that the patient gets a permanent solution to the problem. Here at T98 Chiropractic clinic, we will not only help you get rid of the chronic pain but also improve your mobility, allowing you to live the regular and active lifestyle you desire.

At T98 our goals are our 3R’s.

Recovery- We offer progressive rehab to speedy recovery so your body can heal and gain control of your daily activities. Each individual is different. Every road to recovery is unique. We will tailor our practices to meet each patient’s individual needs. Our chiropractors and physical therapists are trained to help you towards healing, and most importantly, they are there to listen. Listen to each patient’s unique needs, struggles, and progress.

React and Respond– Although these are two separate words, these words go hand-in-hand. When your body is in less pain, you will notice better concentration, better sleep, and be able to continue daily tasks without frustration and feeling fatigued. At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, your recovery will lead to a positive reaction and response in your day to day life.

Results- At the end of your treatment, we care about getting you results! The only reason why you should come to T98 Rehab Chiropractic or any health wellness center is to get the results that you deserve. Together we will set up short and long-term goals, and we will get the results you seek. Whether it is to be able to stretch, sit, walk, or to jog pain-free. At T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, we will get you those results.

One of our founding principles at T98 Chiropractic & Rehab is our commitment to our patients. We empower our patients to take charge of their health by providing education and providing the safest and highest quality services, products, and therapy possible.

During this time of uncertainty, the safety of our patients is our top priority. We are taking extraordinary measures to protect you, your family, and our staff from COVID-19 exposure.

We follow all established CDC guidelines for extra sanitation and social distancing protocols. Sanitation is practiced continuously throughout the day and between patients. We thoroughly wash hands between every patient, sanitize the adjustment table and surfaces. We sanitize doorknobs and payment devices consistently throughout the day. We also practice social distancing, appropriately limiting the frequency and number of visitors allowed inside our facility throughout the day.

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Our Testimonials

James Tillis

I’m getting old now and it’s hard for me to do things. I chose to go to a chiropractor because I knew it would make me feel better overall, and it did.

James Tillis

Patrick Wininger

My legs were killing me. It was hard for me to walk but I decided to fill out the chiropractic form online. Now I’m doing much better.

Patrick Wininger

Eric Parkman

It’s a great feeling when you get treated by a professional. I’m really glad I went to the chiropractor because my neck pain was getting worse.

Eric Parkman

Jayson Beyer

Time after time I continue to go back to get chiropractic care because it helps my every day activities so much.

Jayson Beyer

Sheri Perkins

My back hurt a few months ago but it’s now all better because of going to the chiropractor. I’m glad I did before it got too late!

Sheri Perkins

Assistant Esmeralda

I love convenience of location and how easy it is to set appointments. I work in an office 9 hour days and have shoulder neck back discomfort at times, after every visit I feel so relaxed, an can move around effortlessly.

Assistant Esmeralda

Anna Hart

I usually don’t write reviews, but Dr. Tran is hands down the best Chiropractor I have been to. He is very knowledgeable, listens, and goes above and beyond to make sure he fully treats your issue at hand. I had a cervical disc bulge that Dr. Tran has worked on through various, specific techniques that no other chiropractor had done in the past. He seems way more knowledge and advanced in his methods. I have finally found relief from the pain and healing of my disc bulge through Dr. Tran. I can’t thank him enough!

Anna Hart

Jennie le

Everyone at T98 made us feel so welcomed and comfortable from the moment we checked-in to the moment we were seen by Dr. Tran. I brought my nephew in for a consult for his back pain and Dr. Tran took his time to not only treat him but to also help us create a treatment plan that was reasonable for a teenager. After an adjustment, my nephew felt a tremendous difference within the hour after we left. Dr. Tran was knowledgeable and genuine in his care, and is someone I would recommend without hesitation!

Jennie le

Mary Dinh

Dr. Tran is very knowledgeable, exceptional, and just an overall phenomenal chiropractor. It was really easy to make an appointment and what I really like is that he takes walk ins. I have always been very skeptical of chiropractors but a friend recommended this place. I am just floored at the knowledge, skillset, and services that I received. I came in for treatment and liked how Dr. Tran was very detailed. He explained everything he doing so there were no surprises, just great results!!!! If you are looking for a chiropractor, please do not hesitate.

Mary Dinh

What Our Clients Are Saying About T98 Rehab & Chiropractic

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