Most of us think that chiropractors are who you go to see when that back or neck ache just won’t go away. While not wrong, this view of chiropractic care is very narrow. The benefits of visiting a chiropractor are much more significant than many of us realize. Aside from cracking our aches and pains away, chiropractic care has a high impact on the overall wellbeing of the body. This is because chiropractors, who are considered to be experts on spinal alignment, are skilled at providing relief to one of the most critical parts of the body: the spinal column.

The spinal column houses the spinal cord, the central gathering of all the nerves in the body, and it runs along most of the body. Due to its segmented nature, the spine comes out of alignment quite often, and although the initial effects include aches and pain, they can become far worse. Spinal misalignments can lead to an irreversible posture change, or worse, nerve damage.

With that in mind, it is clear that chiropractors are the unsung heroes who can fix us even when we don’t know what’s wrong. To better understand the far-reaching effects a good chiropractic session can have, here are six little-known benefits of chiropractic care.

1. Improved Digestion

Since the spinal cord is the center of every activity that goes on in our bodies, it affects most, if not all, of our bodily processes. When the nerves that control the production of digestive enzymes are pressed on by misaligned vertebrae, they malfunction. This causes them to signal for the output of more digestive enzymes than is necessary, leading to gassiness, bloating, heartburn, and acid reflux.

Many of the digestive issues we face that are not directly linked to pathogens come from poor nervous system responsiveness. After a visit to the chiropractor’s office, many of these are resolved, which is why patients report better digestive functions and even better appetites.

Digestive distress can be alleviated by re-alignment of the nerves in the thoracic region. Many patients report instant relief from stomach problems after undergoing chiropractic care because once the problem area is fixed, the body continues to function as usual.

2. Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more susceptible to misalignments of the spine as their bodies are subjected to drastic changes over the short span of nine months. The loosening of ligaments in the pelvic area and the rapid weight gain can put an unprecedented amount of pressure on the spine. This, in turn, may cause the nervous system to function below its usual standards.

Pregnancy can be risky even after the first time. The body responds differently during each pregnancy. The weight gain and structural shifts are often what cause back pain and swollen feet in pregnant women. These ailments can be resolved with chiropractic care in a way that is healthy for both the mother and the child.

Mothers can protect their health and that of their babies by opting for regular chiropractic care during pregnancy. This ensures that their body is well-prepared to accommodate the changes without resulting in inefficiencies and affecting the functioning of other processes. The nervous system, which is primarily affected during pregnancy, also benefits greatly from regular chiropractic therapy during this period.

3. Improved Immunity

Our immune system is constantly battling to rid our bodies of pathogens and harmful bacteria. Medicines such as antibiotics only play a supportive role in this ongoing war so when our immune system is compromised, our chances of survival diminish considerably.

The immune system is a collection of entities and systems that fight foreign and potentially harmful organisms. Like every other system in the body, it relies on instruction from the brain. For that reason, no action that is taken against disease-causing organisms can take place if the relay system is damaged or impeded in one way or another.

The nervous system controls the functions of the immune system. It relays messages to the body where to send pathogen-fighting antibodies and is among the first to respond when our bodies get sick. A small misalignment in your spine is enough to cut down the efficiency of your immune system considerably. Chiropractic care keeps the nervous system healthy, and this, in turn, results in an immune system that is responsive and robust.

4. Increased Energy

Our bodies are great at adapting to all kinds of stressful situations. In some cases, this is considered a good thing. But when our bodies begin getting used to pains and aches that are not supposed to be there in the first place, that is where our energy levels start to suffer.

The reason for this is simple. Aches and pains make us tense, and once we become accustomed to them, we build up tension in our bodies. Tension contributes to depleting our energy levels faster, and this leaves us feeling tired and drained even without doing much. This explains why we sometimes feel sore and tired even when we’ve just woken up.

Chiropractic care removes any unnecessary tension along the spine, allowing the body to relax. With no soreness or aches to cause tension, our energy reserves last a lot longer as we feel refreshed for more extended periods of time. After chiropractic sessions, patients report feeling more energized than ever.

5. Improves Breathing

A misalignment around the chest area can cause blockages in nerves, leading to delayed signals between the spinal cord and the lungs. Difficulty breathing is often the result of this, and sometimes it can degenerate into even worse conditions.

Although chiropractic alignment is by no means a cure-all, especially for respiratory diseases, it does help to alleviate some of the severe symptoms of conditions like asthma.

Chiropractic care can restore nerve function to treat respiratory issues. Even patients who have asthma stand to benefit from a session as improved nerve communication between organs and the brain usually results in improved functioning. Chiropractic care is perhaps most commonly used in the treatment of inflammation-causing subluxations in the lungs.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Other than relieving tension, aches, and pains, chiropractic care is perhaps best known for its ability to lower blood pressure. Popular medical website WebMD conducted a study to prove this, and it was concluded that a particular chiropractic manipulation called the “Atlas Adjustment” had a stabilizing effect on blood pressure that was similar to that of a double dose of blood pressure medication. Patients who underwent the procedure were noted to have significantly lower blood pressure by the end of the study.

Chiropractic care is useful even in elder care, where it is used to maintain joint health, mobility, regulate posture, improve immunity, and lower blood pressure in geriatrics. It restores parity and balance to the internal ecosystem of the body by realigning the spinal cord and reinstating full functionality to the nervous system. Aside from alleviating persistent aches, pains, and sore regions, chiropractic care is a crucial tool for the general enhancement of our health. It affects every system in our bodies and can be used to solve issues with our digestive system, our breathing system, our circulatory system, and even the cardiovascular unit.

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