Having good form when using equipment or carrying out routines is advice most people in active lifestyle and sports will get. A regular whole body pre-warm up is the other. While these two go a long way in preventing sports injury, the risk of getting hurt still remains. Sports people are not the only ones who are affected. Others at risk of injury include those who go to the gym regularly, hikers and cyclists and all who love to burn the fat and stay in shape. It could be an accident like a slip or fall or collision, poor judgment or even an underlying cause within the individual which causes the injury and thus necessitates treatment with chiropractic care.

You would be surprised to know how prevalent sports injuries are. Among adolescents, they account for more than 60% of their injuries while among adults the number is over 40% according to one community health survey. The usual culprits when it comes to causes of sports injury are excessive training either in the weights involved or duration of the activity. Using the wrong form and wrong equipment are other causes. Abnormalities in structure or weaknesses in the muscles can also cause sports injury especially around the joints like the ankles, knees, and elbows and also around the shoulders and spine.

Usually, most sports injuries are caused when a joint in motion is placed under a traumatic force. This results in either hyperextension – where the joint is extended beyond its normal limits – or hyperflexion – where two adjacent bones are brought together reducing the usual angle beyond the normal range or motion. Such force could come from quick deceleration or coming in contact with another person or surface.

The wrong form can also lead to the joints being twisted or placed on undue pressure for long periods which injures the muscles and ligaments. The pain experienced from the injuries means one has to be away from the sports or activities they love for long periods as the area affected heals. In the worst case scenario, the damage inflicted could be severe resulting in the loss of ability to engage in such activities in the future. With chiropractors help, many sports people are able to resume their previous lifestyles.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment of Sports Injuries 

To be able to be effective in the management and treatment of sports injuries, chiropractors have to undergo intensive training and still further it by taking a two-year post-graduate residency program which if they are successfully complete, they get to earn the sports specialist qualification from the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Medicine.

With such training, their range of skills includes the ability to diagnose and manage injuries related to sporting activities. They are able to assess a patient’s history and along with the physical examination they conduct, they can plan the right course of treatment. This starts by determining the cause of pain or why the particular muscle or joint is not performing as expected. Depending on the extent of the injury and its location, treatment methods applied in chiropractic care may include therapies targeting the soft tissues, manipulation of the affected joints as well as rehabilitation techniques which may include the use of individualized exercises aimed at slowly getting the affected area to usual optimal levels of performance.

Chiropractors may also offer lifestyle advice to the patients especially when there are underlying issues that caused the injury or in cases where the injured area needs specialized care over the cause of time even after resuming normal function. This may also help prevent the same injury from happening again in the future. For those involved in regular activities from sports to even work, the chiropractors can be engaged in planning the best way to resume play. This helps prevent a relapse that may happen by hurriedly placing the area under duress while also ensuring you can gradually gain confidence in using the area with good results.

Chiropractic Treatment for The Prevention of Sports Injuries

Prevention and early detection of the risk of injury are obviously the preferred scenarios in sports injury and chiropractors can help with that too. Chiropractors such as Dr. Adam Tran, understand how the body functions and the limits to which you can exert yourself. They are also helpful in determining the right equipment, routines and even plan schedules to include resting periods. If you are in the Austin, TX area, call us at T98 Rehab and take advantage of our new patient special!

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