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Sciatic Pain

Many people wonder what sciatica nerve pain feels like. The pain is described by some as the slightest discomfort and by others as the most unbearable pain. This pain can show up in many different areas of the leg and foot.  It’s often intermittent, which means that it comes and goes. As the problem goes unchecked for years of time, the pain typically intensifies with each flare up.


What is the Cause of Sciatica?

There are many reasons you can have sciatic problems. It is important to have a chiropractor check you so that the problem is corrected as soon as possible. The lumbar and pelvic spine are put together in a very complex way. A good chiropractor will understand those joints, and what needs to be done to improve your condition.

Many patients are confused about why their sciatic pain started. They tell us that they simply bent over to pick up something small, and their back went out. They can’t understand how something so small could make such a difference.

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